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Runner's recovery flip flop

Ready for your next run? Use our runners recovery sandals to help you achieve your running goal. Running on the wall has put together the perfect sandal for you combining our so acclaim design of stylish flip flop with the latest acupressure technology on the market. These sandals are just perfect for any runner to wear on a post run whether you stay home or go do all your errands. The acupressure technology sole will take care of your feet and legs recovery without you having to do anything. ...but how does it work? Check this out!

The raised sole point within the sole will trigger your feet ending nerve massaging them in a way to increase blood circulation. This deep foot massage will refresh your leg faster. It will also help you break up accumulated lactic and Uric acid again helping you refresh your feet and leg faster. Acupressure massage will help you alleviate lower back, legs and foot post run pain. The massaging sole By increasing your blood circulation will reduce swelling and tension in your legs and lower body area.